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Course Begins February 3, 2018

What is Pan Africanism? Why is the TRUTH about our people hidden from us? How can Knowledge of Self change our economic, political, and individual destinies?

Those were some of the questions I had when I first started to ‘wake up’. To find the answers, I watched thousands of hours of Youtube videos, read hundreds of books, and put into practice what I learned. After five years of study, I combined all that I learned into this course to lead our people out of the darkness and into the light of knowledge of self.

Since 2013, hundreds of people just like you have taken this course and gained the tools that they need to develop their African spirituality, master their resources, build real relationships, and change the way they eat, ALL while living a Black Conscious lifestyle.

Week 1: Education, Miseducation, and Knowledge of Self

Feb 3rd 2018: An introduction to the entire course, our organization, and concepts. You will also learn Kheper, miseducation, and go through a workshop on how to develop your life mission and purpose.

Week 2 : Group Economics, Black Business Strategies, and Fraud

February 10th, 2018: An introduction to Dr. Claud Anderson's 12 Economic Action Steps from Powernomics, The Black Star Line economic model, and a workshop on how to plan, build, and scale your side hustle.

Week 3: The Maafa and 5,000 Years of Pan African Warfare

February 17th, 2018: You will learn the full Pan-African history of warfare, including how Queen Nzinga, Yaa Asante Waa, and other Great Warriors of Black History set the standard for our behavior.

Week 4: Infection, Intoxication, and Natural Healing

February 24th, 2018: You will learn how to eat to live with the United Black America Healers Guild Food Guide, how diseases like ebola are turned into weapons, and the history of Medical Apartheid in the United States and globally.

Week 5: Prosecution and Pan­-Africanism

March 3rd, 2018: You will learn directly from Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow Study Guide, a history of Pan-Africanism from Delaney to the Present, and indigenous political systems vs western systems.

Week 6: Miscegenation, and Eugenics

March 10th, 2018: You will learn how white supremacists instigate gender wars to divide and conquer a people, a new approach to sex, the definition of miscegenation, and the secret history of eugenics.

Week 7: Metaphysics and African Spiritual Sciences

March 17th, 2018: An overview of the 8 major religions of the African Diaspora, metaphysical anatomy, a discussion on the differences between religion and spirituality, and you will learn two Afrocentric meditation techniques.

Week 8: Certification and State of the Alliance

March 24th, 2018: You will join all active members of United Black America on our State of the Alliance Conference Call where you will be awarded your member number and activated as a Certified 3rd Degree Member

Read Testimonials From Our Past Students!

Thanks to the Work Study Course, I was able to use my passion for healing to develop a “Life Mission Statement” which is now the compass which guides my path. And the Economics & Business Unit of the course provided information, tools, and encouragement which motivated me to take my “Side Hustle” to the next level.

Anthony Ligon

Member of United Black America Healers Guild

This study course was one of it is kind. This course allowed me to expand my consciousness and exercise a new way of thinking. This is foundational lesson that walk you through the the door of an African liberation!

Khes Ausar Rakeem

Member #113

The works study courses are extremely necessary. Where else can you find 8 weeks of intensive education on the empowerment of our people on a multitude of topics? The importance of these lessons are unprecedented and will take your understanding of our power and purpose as Black people to a whole new level.

Jennifer Hutchison

Honorary Member of United Black America

The United Black America work study course is definitely life changing! The biggest challenge that you face while taking the course is yourself. While taking the work study course, I gained a true working knowledge of self [and] I learned more about myself and my people in 8 weeks of class than I did in 17 years. Take. The. Course.

Umeme Houston

First Regent of United Black America

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The cost of the course is $39. This is used to cover the cost of making the professionally designed PDF that you will get with each module and the cost of printing and mailing your certificate. Any profits are used to support United Black America projects and investments.

Is This An Online or a Live Course?

This course is live and is 100% online.

What Time Does Each Session Start?

We hold sessions every Saturday on Skype at noon eastern time. No matter where you are, you may attend as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can connect to it! Make sure you are using Eastern Standard Time. Below you will find a chart that shows you what time your session begins. Click the schedule below to enlarge the image. ⏰ Set your reminders! We begin on time without exception!

What If I Cant Be There Live? Are The Sessions Recorded?

All classes will be recorded! You will have access to all the courses and all PDFs forever. Even if we update the information, you will still have access to the material.

Can my friends and family listen in on the group?

They are welcome to pay and register along with you if they want to participate. But they will not be given a certificate or member number. We screen the individuals who are a part of the group. We know you, we trust you, and we have agreed to share with you. All participants agree to keeping the information shared between members a secret so we cannot let anyone participate who has not signed a non-disclosure agreement.

What if I just want to do my own thing?

Unity is one of the biggest problems that we face as a people. Our distrust of one another, greed, and inability to work together has been bred into us by the system of white supremacy. By unifying with others who share your desire for the redemption of our people, you are correcting one of the biggest problems that we face. Instead of doing your own thing, trying to reinvent what has already been created, or separating from the movement ­ contribute your efforts to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

How Long Does Each Session Last?

Each session lasts for 2 hours, from 12pm Eastern Standard Time to 2pm Eastern Standard Time.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! If you attend 6 out of 8 sessions, you will receive your certificate by mail within 2 weeks following the end of the course. Your certificate will look like the one below

Course Begins Feb 3rd, 2018