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How To Pull Off A Successful Screening

Read This List To Make Sure You Dont Miss Important Info!

Before The Screening Starts

If you have not completed your life mission, you wont be able to continue the screening. Having a life purpose is the foundation of knowledge of self. Click here to listen to our recording on how to develop your life mission.

Make sure we have a good phone number for you. You will be able to enter your phone number in the signup form below. If we dont have the right number, you wont get a call.

At The Time Of The Screening

If you dont receive an automatic call at the time of your screening, it is still up to you to call in to 404-448-2002! Your screener will be waiting for you. If they are not, jump into Slack and post a message in the General channel.

During The Screening

You will have time to ask the screener questions before you officially begin. But once the screening starts, you wont be able to ask the screener any questions (except for asking them to repeat a question). You also wont be able to ‘go back’ and answer any question that you missed earlier in the screening.

Make the statement “This completes my answer” at the end of every answer.

Once you are ready, pick a time below that works for you. You will get an automatic call at the time you choose, so mark your calendar and be ready to go!

Choose Your Screening Time Below!

You Will Get An Automated Call At The Time You Choose

Cant See The Schedule Below? Click here to go to our scheduling website.
Still need help? Click here to post a message in Slack Support or use the form on the Contact us page here!