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On the track to being a medical professional, Jennifer always had a passion for helping others and an interest in medicine. Jennifer couldn’t help but to incorporate her passion for medicine and health with her love for plants, which comes from her mother’s green thumb. After taking a course in graduate school called Mechanisms of Disease, and learning about how the body has a natural ability heal itself, she began to dig deeper into understanding her own health problems. She also began to understand the therapeutic ways of ancient Africans another indigenous peoples. They used the earth for healing and renewal as a natural supplement to health. This resonated deeply with Jennifer, so she became certified as a Clinical Master Herbalist, and started her company Senebti Botanicals. The word Senebti comes from the ancient African language of Medu Neter “Ankh Udja Seneb”, which means life, prosperity, and health.

Jennifer is a digestive and hormone balance specialist; she is seeing clients for her specialized wellness programs in order to empower others with the invaluable knowledge of herbal medicine, and to help them conquer their health challenges, naturally. With her clients, she not only offers herbal formulas and expert advice, but also solutions for mindset work, and nutritional guidelines. The mindset work is really a big component of transformation that is often left out of a healthy living journey. Protecting the mind, body, and spirit will allow one to set a course and fulfill their health goals.

Not only does Jennifer create beautiful and effective herbal blends, she also has several programs that she offers. Her Free 5-Day Mindset Course (http://eepurl.com/bu1Y1b)  is for people who know the difference between a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle but don’t have the discipline to choose wisely and stick to it. Her 1 on 1 and Group Coaching – Bring Your Body Back into Balance Intensive: http://bit.ly/1LO20Tq is for those who need help to dissolve any barriers that are slowing them down to reach their health goals. It involved nutrition counseling, custom herbal formulas, and meditation and mindset work.
Group Coaching – VIP Empowerment Circle: http://bit.ly/1LO20Tq

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