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4 Ways to Get Involved In Your Community

4 Ways to Get Involved In Your Community

Community is a word we hear a lot, but how many places actually have that? Not a place where people live anonymously, but a place where people understand their surroundings and know one another.  A community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals”. That feeling […]

5 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Black Relationship

5 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Black Relationship

How do you maintain a successful relationship as a Black Conscious couple? With so many relationships ending as fast as they start, rising cases of infidelity, and private affairs being exposed on social media, its more important than ever for us to understand the building blocks of a successful relationship! Here are the most important […]

How The Principles of Kwanzaa Can Benefit Our Community

by King Amare It’s that time of year again! Folks are rushing to the stores buying gifts for their loved ones & gifts for those they barely even like. Unfortunately, millions of dollars flows through our fingers like water & straight into the hands of those who oppress our community. But it’s okay because it’s […]

Creating and Leading Project Teams

When we identify problems within our organization or within the community, project teams can be brought together to create and test solutions to those problems. A project team can be a temporary team (such as the project team for an event or the production of a documentary) or a permanent team. What is a Project […]

Here are The 165 Best Black Websites by Category

United Black America presents the BEST Black websites, African American websites, African websites, and black dating websites on the net. You wont find a list like this anywhere else! All links are regularly checked. These websites are all alive, malware free, and regularly updated. If you dont see your favorite site on this list, leave […]