What is Your Business/ Side Hustle?

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    Asad Malik

    Peace! Leave your pitch below along with links we can check out. Doing business with one another is the ONLY way we can build a credible economy!

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    Mid-South Facility Services

    I help business by servicing there facility with the tools/items needed to keep their business running (i.e. Tissue,Soap,Shop Towels,Paper Towels ect)

    Description: At arrival of the facility I check the bathrooms soap, tissue and paper towels (ect) and refill as necessary. After serving the account I would then meet with the owner/contact and find there needs for the next week. Leaving the product in a designated place in case they need to refill the products before the next visit.

    Overt Benefits:
    – No need to loose production time refilling items needed for your facility to run
    -No need to loose production time to make a run to the store to purchase the items need for your facility
    – Automatic weekly service dates to make sure you never run out of the items needed for your business to run

    Source for wholesale products: http://www.webstaurantstore.com

    FYI: I currently work on the plantation for the worlds largest Uniform & Facility Service company. They have strict policies to who they sign up as a customer and business in Poverty stricken areas typically aren’t there business type. Those will be the businesses I call on.

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    My company is Maryland Notary Services; we assist title companies and banks with notarizing and executing mobile, real estate loan closings. We ensure that your company’s loan documents are certified in accordance with Maryland laws and regulations to protect against civil or criminal liabilities. Maryland Notary Services’ personnel is certified through Prince George’s Community College Notary Public Procedures program and through the National Notary Association’s Notary Signing Agent program; commissioned in Anne Arundel County and insured up to $25,000; and, licensed through the Maryland Insurance Administration, as required by law. We stand by our ability to complete the job right the first time, and if is not due to our negligence, we will refund the fee.

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    Business Name: Republic of Azisa

    Problem: Conventional fragrances are full of ingredients that even the most well read scholar couldn’t pronounce. Conventional perfumes usually have parabens, chemical additives and high proof denatured alcohol in them to extend scents. In 2016 a paraben free, 100% vegan, organic hand crafted perfumes and colognes are not as accessible as they should be for both women and men.

     Product Solution: Oil based fragrances made with high quality natural and organic carrier and essential oils are a practical alternative to conventional perfumes and colognes.

     My customers: Women and Men, Black Millennials (ages 18-35), sustainable-minded consumer.

    What’s in it for the customer: Don’t worry about driving, catching the bus or train to get your fragrance. All orders are placed online and delivered to your home. All products are stored in glass. When it’s time for you to get a refill just send in your old bottle and we will refill it and discount the fragrance and send it back to you. It saves resources, cuts down on production supplies and keeps our process as sustainable as possible.

     What is this difference between oil-based fragrances and perfume or cologne?

     Oil based fragrances are not new, but date back thousands of years to ancient Kemet (modern day Egypt) and in our opinion is the best way to wear any kind of fragrance. Time, research and care go into “building” successful fragrances. Oil based fragrances last longer throughout the day and you don’t need to apply a lot, saving you money.


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    What target is your target group?- My target group will be young women ages 18-40 and any woman looking to purchase attire to make them feel their best.  Mainly the college student.

    5 P’s

    What is the problem- Women are looking for affordable, fashionable quality retail online with great customer response on the merchandise as well products being delivered in a timely manner.

    What problem is my boutique solving:  My boutique will offer only the best quality merchandise (being that I will purchase the items in advance to check for quality of fabric, I will offer products that are fashionable and ensure my prices are not inflated on my items (Because I have found many items that I have purchased and found them on ebay for a few dollars where I have paid 10 percent more) I also will not place an item on my site that I have not received the products and can ship them the following day or that week that they were purchased.  The turnaround/mailout on products is very poor on internet shopping from small boutiques.

    Look for the problems at your job-I work in a small town and many of my students do not have places to shop for fashionable attire many have to drive to surround towns and cities to purchase items.  I will be able to provide clothing where and accessories directly to them without them having to even leave off campus and the comfort of their own dorm rooms.


    Yourself:  I am working on mastering my time so I can ensure that this side hustle is a success.  I know that with the class, having a full-time job, two sons who are solely dependent on me at this time, and my other course work, I know that I have to utilize all my time wisely.  The time management sheet has been really useful to me in these past weeks.  I just have to utilize them more often and more frequently.  Currently I am not reading any books on economics.

    Your customer-Yes I am targeting the right market for fashion, and no my product is not for everyone.  It is for women, but  men might shop for their love ones here.  Therefore, I know that I will have to offer fast response and follow-up customer service wise to ensure that all my customers have the needed information to make the appropriate purchase.

    Your Team-Currently I have two people in mind on my team and both of them have been looking up products and looking for websites with bargains on wholesale items.  No I am not in a mastermind group, yet.  No have a mentor I do not have a mentor, but I would love one.


    Does your product effectively solve the need that you identified under the first ‘P’?  I do believe so, at this point.  I have purchased some items to check for quality and to see how long it will take for the product to arrive.  So from some distributors I have found how long it will take to ship.  I have yet to sell to truly test the business and see if my business is applicable to the standards set before me.

    Overt Benefits:

    Customers will benefit from my services because they will benefit from my products because they are exclusive items that are affordable and have great shipment dates.  The client will no longer have to worry about someone else have the exact same dress because being that this is a boutique not many items of in one style will be sold.  I will offer stylish, fashionable and quality products to my customers.  I will give excellent customer service; giving immediate attention to any question asked about my product and sizing questions.  I seek to cater to each “Beautiquer” as if they were inside an actual store and needed immediate shopping assistance. My boutique also will offer great shipment dates.  No longer will “Beautiquers” have to wait weeks on their items they will receive their items 5-10 business days unless it is a pre-order item, and even pre-orders will be shipped no longer than 2 weeks upon payment.  I want to offer excellent customer service and appreciation of customers.  All items will be packaged with care. (Packaging  definitely matters).

    Why should I believe you-I will have all customers post testimonials and in their packages once they are shipped asked that they tag me on IG when they are wearing my products.


    My product will offer quality customer service and quality products guaranteed.

    My product is dramatically cheaper than the competitors.

    My product shipment dates will be faster than competitors

    My services is exclusive for women and cater to women latest fashion


    I will be mailing products to customers.  I will also offer express delivery.

    I will provide services to customers via internet (IG, website, and email)

    I am not sure if there are steps that need to removed to increase profit margin.

    Gross Profit Margin

    I have not actually started selling my items.  But through my research so far I know that I can purchase one dress for $5-$8 and sell the item depending on the style and quality for $30-45/dress, and in some instances more than that.  But I am trying to offer affordability and quality.

    The business model I will use is the Advertising and Affiliate Model.  I am looking to build an audience around my content/clothing and offering products to my audience as an affiliate (college students/IG users)

    The name of my side hustle will either be “DNA” or “The Beautique”

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hello Family!</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I was really having a hard time coming up with a actual side hustle, only because I have so many things I would like to partake in, but fortunately for me I have already started something that I hope would be worthwhile especially for all my queens.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I have established a website and Facebook page called Society of Empowering Women. I created this service/site due to my experiences of going thru several social service agencies due to transitions that my family faced. </p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Housing issues, financial problems, domesticated and problematic situations that not only I faced but my kids and husband did at the time. In due time, I volunteered a lot of time while in transitions, in multiple non-profit organizations and realized that there were many directors in leadership, and social workers who didn’t have a clue what the real reality of living in transition was all about. Going forward, I also became a speaker/presenter for another non-profit that dealt with the homelessness population. </p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>It wasn’t until I was met with a lot of young black mothers, facing the same dilemmas I was going thru. This is when I got the motivation to start a resource online page listing several outside sources on re-establishing themselves for the better. It started off very slow, But as I was given so many credentials from outside agency I posted and posted and word got around that I was well-re-known to go to if someone needed help for anything, such as Health Insurance applications, advocating for their child to assist them in special education meetings, and how to file within the court system on entering in the shelter systems after being displaced from different circumstances.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Right now, I am also achieving my degree in the Human services field with a minor in Mental health counseling, hoping to aim directly to black men and women. My side hustle is to advocate for our sisters and brothers.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Tiffany P.</p>

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    My side hustle is developing a company for skin care and selling an all natural cream/moisturizer specifically designed for eczema and extremely dry skin.

    This product is for people that experience uncomfortable irritations or painful rashes due to weather, skin conditions or lack of oil in the skin that the body is unable to secrete.This product is gentle and can be used as a daily moisturizer. It can be used for children and adults with sensitive skin. The product will revitalize and nourish the skin’s lost moisture while naturally healing and protecting the skin from all weather and aides in the prevention of skin conditions.

    Iv’e created this essentially for the need of something natural and effective for people searching for one product that will alleviate skin conditions, doesn’t leave residue, deeply penetrates the skin without synthetic chemicals and petroleum, that can be used once a day while rehydrating and sealing in the moisture.

    My customers will get the benefits of using oil and lotion all in one jar. Their skin will be radiant in appearance, soothe and smooth.

    My goal is to provide quality customer service while producing a Grade A product. You can conveniently shop online and the level of customer service will be satisfactory and great quality, an attribute to the product.


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    My side hustle is called Eat well/ Live well. My company is a healthy alternative to fast food. The overt benefit is health/wellness. I help people maintain a healthier lifestyle by providing them with convenience and affordability. My mason jar salads and on the go smoothies are packed with nutrients and live foods. It is a quick way to receive the necessary fuel that our bodies need in order to operate effectively. My goal is to help our people heal and nurture our bodies to prevent disease/dysfunction in our communities.

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    Right now I”m trying to focus on 2 main sides hustles:

    *I do freelance freelance websites using WordPress. So far  I have done about three.It does not require much programming skills atm but I eventually want to take it further and become a developer.

    *I trying build a social media presence based around viral topics, movies, and online MMO games.Then I will that traffic to make money through affiliate programs and advertisements.

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    <span style=”line-height: 1.8;”>I’ve been a beautician for over 19 years and I have always worked from home. My establishment is comfortable, professional, and welcoming to my brothers and sisters. </span>

    Licensed Braider

    Ultra Life Options Consultants

    <span style=”line-height: 1.8;”>I’ve been a Life Coach for over 10 years specializing relationships of all kinds with my niche in sensual esteem building. </span>

    Just Ask Us Cleaning Service

    We specialize in home and office cleaning with focuses on organizing and disinfecting.

    We label and organize all working areas for maximum space management. This company was a holiday gift for my children, with a start up of $25 for equipment aside from their smart phones and uniforms.

    I have plenty more written up businesses that have no one to work them or take advantage of them. As an African single mother with no real family still living to help me, I design all of my businesses according to the state laws and based on not having to do years of school or pay hundreds of dollars to start up. ROBINSON’S DESIGN EXECUTIVE<span style=”line-height: 1.8;”>S is a black owned business that designs small businesses for African entrepreneurs who are trying to find a place in the market. Each Business design is triangulated around your personal needs while all aspects of your means and abilities are key focal points. My prices do not vary upon design. My rates are set in stone for my people at well below market rates due to the economic calamity we face.  They will never change, and will remain at $550. Per design. With business proposal,  mission statement, and fiscal projections included with bylaws and operations and start up website.  I developed this company based on the many designs I’ve come up with in overall life. I’m looking to build with some like minded people on making some real power moves for our stability and betterment. I have studies long and abroad and I’ve developed some full proof ideas that won’t cost us anything but has all the gain for all of us. Please tell me I’m not alone on this!!! </span>

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    Business Name: Story Time in the Village


    Slogan: The Village that Reads…Succeeds


    The Problem


    Many blacks students and adults are lagging behind in the literacy battle. Education statistics shows that whites and Asians are often have a higher reading grade level than their black counterparts of the same age. Research shows that the most significant way to boost a child’s reading level is for parents to spend at least 20min a day reading to their children. This places some parents are a intrinsic disadvantage in the literacy race because many hardworking parents cannot spare the 20-30min necessary to read to their children. Furthermore, parents with difficulty reading themselves may feel self-conscious about their own reading quality which further deters them from spending the necessary time to improve their own child’s literacy. Illiteracy, thus, becomes a generational problem.


    The Solution


    The solution can be found to the African tradition of communal story-telling where the responsibility for sharing the stories that inspire and motivate our youth is a communal responsibility. The world is filled with energetic and passionate people,/educators/tutors/students who love reading and who specifically individuals who love reading/telling stories to children. This business would be a web- based platform (skype, webinair software, etc.) where families could select from a database of gifted readers/tutors to read in real time to their children for 20min. a day at a reasonable price. Parents would have the option to select the reader, the book, and the time.


    Can’t you just give them a audiobook?


    Audiobooks tend to sound robotic and monotonous even as voice recordings are becoming better. Real reading is about engagement. Story’s must come alive to really capture the interest of a child and support their long term interest in reading. The real time connection would help facilitate this real and authentic relationship with between the story and the child.


    Other notes


    The platform would also have book recommendations for parents that focus on positive self-image and culture appreciation for black children. Book suggestions would be added revenue through Amazon recommendations.


    The service would also include in its second-generation readers/tutors who could read to black children in African languages such as Kiswahili and Twi. In this way, we would not only be improving child literacy but expanding the skill set of the next generation in symmetry with Pan African ideals.

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