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    My queen and I had the precious privilege of journeying into consciousness as a married couple. And we decided that consciousness would be our Genesis. Our literal and figurative New Beginning. Both coming from strong religious backgrounds, we made the conscious decision to no longer live our lives according to any flawed literature, and that any God worth divinity would not relinquish divine conclusion to such corruptable means. We decided that God must be bigger than the bible. Truthfully, I had departed from any traditional thoughts of God before my wife. To me, God was me, in me and beyond me. To my wife, he was still in the sky somewhere lol. And we were okay with that. Even though we were on this journey together we decided to appreciate each other’s growth as opposed to critique. We allowed ourselves to see the fullness of beauty in each other. And then I had a revelation. My wife would never be able to fully embrace her own divinity in consciousness if she was still being subconsciously subjected to one of the most pervasive threats to black unity propagated by Christianity. The mythology of Eve. Because of Eve, men all over the world inherently believe that their wives are weaker than them and should live in submission to them. As the King of my househould, I decided to shatter submission. I made the conscious decision to free my Queen from Eve’s curse. How could I, in consciousness, still subject her to Eve’s consequences if this was supposed to be our beginning? So in our living room, we decided to reject Eve and embrace our own destiny. We are one. She is not beneath me not behind me, she is with me. I’ve stated before that leadership does not always require rank, neither does marriage. Our marriage has ascended in terms to that decision. She is no longer my Queen. She is my Goddess. Fully capable of conquering the world on her own but choosing to be fully committed to our story. In retrospect, I wonder in how many semi-conscious homes is Eve still the barrier?

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    Asad Malik

    In our original creation stories, woman was NEVER beneath man, nor was she to blame for our condition. By rejecting Western (white) patriarchal mythology that subjugates our women, we reclaim something important that was lost!

    For all those fighting the feminist battle, you all need to go back to your own culture and your own ancestral philosophy and stop fighting in the sandbox with white philosophies

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