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    What has consciousness been for you? For me it has been a series of questions in which who’s answers led to a never ending journey of discovering self and the divine. Could you describe your conscious experience with similar observation? Most would, and indeed most should. Consciousness is an individual journey that leads us to a greater appreciation of each other and the lives we embody. We have not yet fully seen the fruit of consciousness, and will not until we are with ourselves again without interference, in sovereignty. But until then, all those who are conscious should aspire to awaken the fullness of our family by ensuring that every king and queen knows their identity so that we can make war proper to establish our pantheon! So how then do we accomplish such a lofty goal? How do we “win the lost?” How do we wake up those who are sleeping? Well first, let’s decide what we are not doing?


    We are not:

    Converting – we are not introducing our brothers and sisters to a savior whom they must blindly follow to escape the consequences of sin. We are not requiring our brothers and sisters to commit to any one doctrine and therefore, conversion must not be the requirement of entry. We are not missionaries.

    Conforming – We are not suggesting uniformity or shallow transitions in order to present a utopiac image. There is no one expected or defined image of consciousness. We must only be united, even if not in unison. Harmony is more befitting our legacy anyway. We are not manufacturers.

    Transforming – Consciousness is a discovery of self. There is no requirement to become anything other than who you already are. That is not transformation, that is actualization. We are not crusaders.

    So what should we be doing? Or rather, what are we doing? Well, we must identify what roles we must play, who we must become collectively. Collectively, we must be the physical representation and embodiment of the sovereignty of our people. We must exist collectively as a Black embassy in America. We must exist for the protection and defense of each other. We must exist for the growth and advancement of our people. We must become ambassadors and diplomats within ourselves.  As such, we must be aware of the undeniable fact that we will not all be conscious until we have a government that promotes consciousness. And we will never have that under the banner of any Rome inspired civilization. We know our people need a government that exists for their best interests and we know that consciousness is the path that brings us all to THAT basic conclusion. However, as ambassadors we must embrace all brothers and sisters regardless of their current stance in life because their current stance is the direct result of their oppression and white supremacy. We must realize that we have been somehow graced to awaken in a society that demands integrative conformity! If not for whatever grace it was  that opened our eyes, we would still be sleeping ourselves. So let us always remember to look on our family with compassion even in defiant ignorance for they truly know not what they do. And in spite of their ignorance, we yet exist in consciousness for their sales as well as our own. As ambassadors, we must be willing to become all things to all men so that we may awaken as many as possible. So what should we be doing? We should be liberating. We should be setting the captives free! But every prison is different. There is no one size fits all evangelistic tool of consciousness. No, we must build relationships with our brothers and sisters with the sole intent of discovering how to unlock the chains of their prisons. We must ask more questions than we state facts. We must lead them as close to the doors of lliberation as possible knowing that only they can walk through the doors themselves. We must become whatever it is that compels them to want to discover self. The religious have no interest in discovering self because their only espoused purpose is discovering God. So you must first help them discover God, and we now know that it is impossible to discover God without discovering self. And for that, they will embrace you. The streets have no interest in discovering self because their focus has become survival. So you must first provide them with a tangible vision of living beyond survival and it is in that ideal where they will discover themselves. By committing to become the neccesary medium of awakening for the family we interact with, we simultaneously build the neccesary infrastructure for continuing consciousness. We must begin with the infinite in mind! We cannot yet fully fathom where consciousness will take us. We do not yet fully overstand the far reaches and capacities of Pan-Africanism. But what a glorious era it will be! An era worth making the sacrifices necessary to awaken our sleeping giant! So, how do we do it? By any means necessary! Teach them like they deserve to know. Protect them like they deserve to grow.


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    Peace Brother,

    Thank you so much for this post. You have just dropped the necessary breadcrumbs to aid me furthering my discovery of self and given me an approach to reach those closest to me, my family and then the community. I realize that everyone is captive in their own prison but that we must make it our mission to establish relationships so that we can understand how best to assist with their awakening.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks sister! That’s exactly the point! We need more people like you will give purpose to their consciousness.

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