Black Business Directory Symbols of Unity?

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    Hello Team.

    I got Asad’s email earlier this week of the re-opening / turning back on of the Black Business Directory he had running a few years back.  I think that is a great idea and much needed in the black community.  In fact I had a similar directory living on the internet in the past  Consciousness eventually got in the way of that site and the project was shelved for a few years.  It has since rebirthed as and has only been online for a little more than a year.

    Anyway I don’t want to be in the way of UBA’s directory site or any others doing the needed service to help us black people more easily know where we can economically support each other.   Powernomics.  Since my verison of this directory has been online I’ve been collecting sites like this on a resource page .  You’ll find there a growing collection of sites with similar goals highlighting black owned businesses.

    My thought and question is to ask people if you think it would help the cause of the UBA directory site and all others for us to use some kind of symbol of unity that we are supporting or working with each other? like a logo or some tagline or something like that?  As a software developer I see various collections of software represented by symbols all the time.  I prominent one I see all the time is one found here where they enourage other free software projects to display  the symbol as a show of support for that cause.

    I know this is not a direct apples to apples comparison.  Software is not the same as Black Business directories but I feel that some kind of symbol we could share on all of these types of sites could perhaps be a show of support and help us out powernomically.  I know the powernomics book talked about the use of symbols / marking territory as a way to show other people that we stand together.   The end goal is to improve money into the community.

    I hope you consider building with me on this topic.

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