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3 Ways To Foster An Effective Relationship With Your Child

3 Ways To Foster An Effective Relationship With Your Child

If you are a parent or guardian of a child, congratulations!  You have entered into a world that is no longer your own. You now are sharing it with someone who depends on you to guide them throughout their life.

Parenting is no easy task.  It takes hard work, dedication and plenty of patience. However, if you stay dedicated and focused you have the ability to mold this person into a great citizen and contributor to society.

Here are 3 ways to foster an effective relationship with your child.

Positive Reinforcements

As parents we must focus on our child’s behavior. Society is unfair when they judge a child solely based on how they behave in public. Many children have behavioral issues due to biological and environmental causes such as autism, poor diet, and a broken family structure.

If your child displays behavioral issues try rewarding positive behavior.  When parents focus on positive behavior that the child is showing and the child knows they will be rewarded for it, that will help reinforce that good that they are doing.

Too many times as parents we pay so much attention to the negative behavior that our child exhibits.  We can become exhausted following this model.  Instead create a reward system for your child that allows him/her to see the value in showing good behavior.

You can reward then with extra free time,  allowing the child to choose dinner one night, have them accumulate tickets and turn them in for a reward (token economy). Remember focus on the positive!

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Speak To Your Child

Most times we feel as parents we must talk at our children to enforce rules or get a point across.  Often times that style has an adverse effect on them. Instead of the child listening, the child can resist, disobedient and withdrawn. Trying talking to your child in a conversational tone. When you are able to get your point across being scream free— you may see a difference in your child’s reaction and response.

Allow Your Child Space

In today’s world, it is very easy to understand why we want to keep extreme watch over our children. What they are exposed to in school, in the neighborhood, anywhere can alter what you have taught them in the confines of your home. Being a good parent is hard work, but we must understand that as parents it is not a good situation if you are overbearing.

Allow your child a little bit of space. Instead of nagging, have a simple conversation. Ask them about things they like. Talk to them about life. As they grow older you can give them certain privileges that are age appropriate. Have them earn your trust and establish criteria to let them know what you expect and what you will be looking for as it pertains to their social life (i.e. social media, friendships, and appropriate reading material) If you become overbearing your child will constantly look for an escape route from you.

These are simple, but effective techniques for helping to foster an effective relationship with your child. There is no child that is the same. All children are different but if you love them wholeheartedly you can expect the same result—much love in return.