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We provide weekly video coverage of events happening within both United Black America and the greater African Community.


Our groups and pages let you connect directly with like-minded community members on the largest social network in the world.


Our trending hashtag #UBA features insightful questions that engage our more than 7,000 followers.


We visually catalog the Black experience and highlight new media produced by the United Black America family.

United Black America joins Africans in the Diaspora as a member-organization of the Pan African Alliance

Why We Exist

United Black America is the FUTURE of Black History!

Black men and women have suffered from the weapons of white supremacy more than any other racial group on Earth. We represent the highest casualty rates from preventable physical illnesses like AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. We are three times more likely to be poor, 5 times more likely to have abortions, and 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by police than whites. 1 in 3 of our men will endure the horrors of prison.

United Black America stands on the front line against the weapons of white supremacy. Our project teams turn Black consumers into producers by creating Black enterprises and financial literacy programs. We disrupt mis-education within our communities with work study groups and curricula for developing knowledge of self. We aggressively fight for prison reform and community oversight committees to regulate law enforcement. Using lobbyists, political participation drives, and voter blocs, we advance the demands of our people as a unified political body.

  • Our Membership

    In Fiscal Year 2015, more than 125 Certified Members have joined our ranks.

  • Our Project Teams

    United Black America members have created dozens of project teams to address the most serious issues facing our people.

  • Our Organization

    United Black America is organized into of 12 Councils that manage activities across multiple areas of focus.

  • Our Reach

    United Black America social media accounts have a combined engagement of more than 30,000 active followers!

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